First WP7 update isn’t NoDo. Coming Soon. Surprised ?


The long awaited first update to Windows Phone 7 has arrived, nearly 5 months after WP7 first launched. In a post Microsoft’s Windows Phone Blog, they detail the rollout is happening today. Strangely this isn’t the much reported codenamed NoDo update to WP7 that was to bring copy and paste, apparently that’s still ‘coming soon’. Remember this was the update that was due in January, it’s now late Feb.

Starting today, some of you might see something new on your Windows Phone: A message announcing that a software update is available. Woo hoo!

Now, before you get too excited, let me explain: This isn’t the update you’ve probably been reading about or perhaps waiting for, the one with copy and paste (but that’s coming soon).

So if it’s not NoDo, then what the heck is in this update ? Not much. Apparently its doing some fancy behind-the-scenes stuff to ensure Microsoft can deliver future updates working smoothly for us. That’s assuming a real update actually ships.

If your detecting a strong sense of sarcasm, its only because I’m a disheartened WP7 user that has waited far too long for a new smart phone platform with so much promise to live up to that promise and improve on the areas that it lacks, fix the bugs that exist and add features that consumers now expect and are available from competing platforms namely iOS and Android.

You can keep track of the WP7 update history (changelog) at a new page launched today –

How to get the update
As with most Microsoft rollouts, they limit the impact on servers by rolling out across the world. This means if you can’t get the update right now, just check back later. I checked.. can’t yet get it in Australia (4:50am).

To check for the update, connect your WP7 device via USB, fire up the Zune desktop software on Windows or WP7 Connector for Mac, then click on Settings > Phone > Update. If your still on version 7.0, then you don’t have the update yet. Just wait longer.

Given the update doesn’t actually change, well, much at all, you may want to skip the whole process until the NoDo update actually arrives, hopefully shortly.


More info about WP7’s first update @ the Windows Phone Blog

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