Flash 10.2 to fix CPU usage on Macs, happy now Mr Jobs ?

Flash 10.2

The Flash hate from Steve Jobs has been extremely strong over the past year or so, with Jobs pointing to Flash as the reason for a majority of application crashes. All that may be set to change with the next point release of the Adobe’s Flash Player 10.2. This demonstration video from John Nack, in a very stylish Star Trek outfit, shows of 10.2 beta using around 1/10th the CPU when playing a 1080p video.

This is achieved by shifting a lot of the processing to the GPU to give the CPU a breather. It is important to note, this is done using 64-bit hardware, which means older 32-bit macs may be out of luck, or at best see lesser improvements.

In a show-off move, Nack even demonstrates 4k video playing back on a Macbook Air, a pretty amazing feat considering the relatively low-power specs. Multiple times throughout the demonstration the audience breaks into applause, so this is clearly something users have been waiting for.

Flash 10.2 low CPU usage

Check out the video below.

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