Forza 5 creates FilmSpeed, a 120mph digital to real world conversion


You know when a successful gaming franchise has far too much money, they start does crazy things like this. In an effort to promote the upcoming Forza 5 title for the Xbox One, Forza Motorsport have setup 680 frames printed on aluminum panels, then raced past them in a McLaren 12C supercar at 120mph.

No other racing game approaches the realistic physics and handling and graphic fidelity of Forza Motorsport 5, and all those things in combination are why Forza best delivers the feeling of racing.

The video titled ‘FilmSpeed’ is captured in a high frame rate camera mounted in the back of the McLaren. The way this setup works, is that the driver (Tanner Foust) races to an exact speed at which matches the frame rate of the camera matches the time taken to drive the distance between each image. The still frames printed on the panels are from the game Forza 5, but located in the real world, amazingly, they actually appear as a video when all things come together.

The math behind the FilmSpeed
It’s one thing to make a flip book you can control with your hands, or even go quickly past some small frames … it is quite another to do it at a maximum filming speed of 120mph with boards as wide as five and a half feet across. It is a monumental task requiring precision and careful planning, and this is a story that scratches the surface of the calculations made to bring Forza Motorsport 5 gameplay to life in the real world.

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