Forza Horizon demo now on Xbox Live

Forza Horizon Demo

While Forza Horizon doesn’t arrive until October 23rd, but you can play the demo right now. Available for download on Xbox Live it’ll just cost you 1.57GB of downloads.

In the demo, drivers will experience a sampling of cars from Horizon’s insane line-up of rides and race across a variety of different event types. From Horizon Festival events taking place on the dusty dirt roads of Colorado’s upper hills to a climactic street race that find players winding up, around, and over the architectural marvel that is the Finley Dam.

Players who download and play the Forza Horizon demo and then purchase and play the full game online will receive a specially designed 2013 SRT Viper GTS, celebrating it’s “gone-gold” status. This rare liveried car will only be available to those who download the demo and purchase and play the game online.

Still waiting for the demo to download? Then spend some time checking out the latest behind the scenes video from Turn10.

Forza Horizon” will be available starting on Oct. 23 in a Limited Collector’s Edition AUD $99.95 RRP and a Standard Edition AUD $79.95 RRP.

Download Forza Horizon demo now.

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