Forza Motorsport 6 will run 1080p 60fps, coming September 15th


In yet another Xbox One exclusive, a launch trailer for Forza 6 was shown off at E3 2015. The game features 36 world famous destinations, and a massive 24 car multiplayer, although we’re not sure how many Project CARS is doing, but it’s a lot.

Something that will delight hardcore racing fans is that it will be running at 1080p at 60fps. Previous titles have had to down scale the resolution or FPS, but it seems developers are finally workout out how to optimise for the Xbox One hardware.

Of course the cover car is the stunning 2016 Ford GT and one was lowered from the ceiling on to the stage, briefly before flying away shortly after.

Pre-orders for Forza Motorsport 6 are available from today and the game will be released on September 15th this year.

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