Full video of Albury’s Skater Boy attack on a Tesla Model S, shows completely unprovoked attack


It took a while (till March 7th), but they got him. This morning I received confirmation from the Model S owner that perpetrator (skater boy) had been identified and arrested. It is great news that justice is being served and I hope he gets convicted of a serious offence, as wilfully damaging other people’s property, especially something as valuable as a car, should be dealt with strongly as a deterrent to him and the rest of the community, this behaviour is not on.

On Friday, Feb 21st, the latest clip of someone damaging a Tesla was shared online. This one is a little close to home, being in a car park in Albury.

The criminal was caught smashing a side mirror, then the windscreen of a Tesla Model S using a mini skateboard.

Since then the clip has been shared thousands of times online, hoping to identify the man in question.

Now the victim, Jules Boagg has released the full video of this senseless attack. The video shows Skater Boy and a mate, hanging out for minutes prior to the event, casually talking with passive body language. The two decide to leave and then out of nowhere, he attacks.

Tesla’s Dashcam does an amazing job at capturing the incident and we see the events unfold form multiple cameras.

There is no logic or reason to this attack and if this bloke is capable of destroying someone else’s property with no remorse, who knows what else he’s capable of.

We need to help identify and report Skater Boy to police. This is completely unacceptable behaviour.

Buying a Tesla is not a cheap endeavour and most owners have to work incredibly hard to achieve the dream of owning one. Having someone recklessly and senselessly cause damage to someone else’s vehicle is not ok.

I’ve parked in this exact parking garage and I’m now pretty concerned to park my Model 3 there, or really anywhere in Albury when people like this are walking the streets.

If you know this guy, are friends with him, a colleague, even a family member or neighbour, do the right thing and report this guy.

So far, the internet has been doing their best to track down the pair in the video. While Boag was insured, making a claim to pay for the thousands of dollars worth of damage will increase premiums, when he simply parked his car and went shopping.

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