Gamescom 2013 starts tomorrow


    In the early hours of tomorrow, Gamescom will kick off in Cologne, Germany.Those lucky enough to be there in person will have the chance to actually play the PlayStation 4, Xbox One oh yeah and that Wii U. The conference runs for regular attendees runs from the 22nd-25th and will also feature a lot from Indie developers. You can see from last year’s Flickr gallery, they don’t do things by halves at Gamescon.

    This time Sony will go first with the show kicking off at 3AM AES, 21 August 2013, with a briefing to media on the latest plans for PlayStation 4, as well as updates on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Sony are live streaming the event at In case you had plans to cover the event live yourself, don’t both, PlayStation Australia are live tweeting the whole damn thing.


    Moving on to Friday, it’s Xbox’s turn, delivering their press conference from Gamescom at the brutal time of 2AM. With all the recent 180s on Xbox One policies, it’ll be an interesting one to watch to see what’s new. The release of both next generation consoles is getting closer everyday, with November being just a few agonizing months away. Personally I’m hoping for confirmation of support for controlling set top boxes using just a single HMDI port (hopefully avoiding IR blasters).


    Whatever gets announced at Gamescom, one thing is for sure, we’ll see a tsunami of game announcements from developers. They’ll be tripping over themselves to show off their games. At E3 we seen plenty of trailers, but hopefully the couple of months since then means we’ll get much more in-game, hands-on content.

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