Hankook’s wild vision for the future, wheels that morph


Hankook has a wild vision for the future of wheels and when we consider we’ve been using wheels and tyres the same way for decades, it’s probably overdue. There’s certainly been evolutions in tread patterns to increase the dispersion of water and avoid traction loss or aquaplaning, but nothing like this concept.

In terms of explaining an idea, Hankook have really gone above and beyond, creating a 3 and half minute 3D animation that graphically demonstrates the new tyre concepts. The basic premise here is that tyres are a one size fits all scenario right now, regardless of the conditions, you bolt on a compromised wheel that suits a majority of scenarios. In no way are standard road tyres good for off-road and vise-versa.

What if you could design a wheel / tyre that morphed into exactly what you needed for the surface and conditions you were driving. This is where the Boostrac, Alpike and Hyblade concepts come in. I could explain these with more words, but really the video does an amazing job, just watch and enjoy 3 minutes 30 seconds of the future.

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