Here’s how to browse Facebook on your Nintendo Switch

    Lets be honest, the Nintendo Switch is great for gaming in your lounge room, or on the go, but we’d all love it to do more, like watch Netflix or browse the web. Turns out there is actually a way to browse Facebook and parts of the web using the Nintendo Switch.

    The way you do this is to follow the steps below.

    • Visit System Settings
    • Select User
    • Select your user account
    • Scroll down and select Posting on Social Networks

    The Switch lets you share screenshots to either Facebook or Twitter, but you need to authenticate and that’s where this hack to lets us browse online begins. If you’ve already linked Facebook, then you’ll need to tap Unlink. If you are starting fresh, tap Link next to Facebook and you’ll be taken to an authentication screen asking for your email and password. Instead of completing the login process, you can select other parts of the interface, like the Facebook icon in the top left that’ll take you to your timeline.

    By default, you’ll be selecting elements of the screen, which will result in an annoying square rectangle around the currently selected item, instead, simply press the left stick and you’ll get a cursor, which you can use like a mouse to select interface elements. Don’t forget the Swtich is a touchscreen device and tap, dragging to scroll all works, even if there is the odd display issue, its a pretty nice experience.

    Now you’re browsing Facebook on your Nintendo Switch.

    While we don’t get an address bar at the top of the screen to browse any website, you can read through and post to your Timeline from the Switch, engage with groups, pages and even watch videos on Facebook. Nintendo have done a great job with video playback, running in a dedicated video player, complete with an option for fullscreen, which a really slick experience. This makes the Swtich a great option for a second screen to watch Facebook Live content.

    Basically Nintendo have built a browser into the Switch, but haven’t exposed it in the Store, that’s restricted to just games for now.

    There’s not

    If you have a Nintendo Switch, try it out.


    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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