Here’s why I just upgraded to a 1000/50Mbps NBN FTTP connection

This afternoon NBN released the new NBN wholesale plans. This enabled Retail Service Providers (RSP)s like Aussie Broadband’s to offer the new plans from around 3PM. After wearing out the F5 key, I successfully upgraded our family’s NBN plan.

It’s pretty hard to say anyone ‘needs’ 1Gbps download speeds, when it comes to being happy in life, you have to live a little and do some things that firmly fall under the ‘want’ category.

Like many of you, I have friends across the world and many of them are already enjoying incredibly fast internet speeds and I’ll admit that made me a little jealous.

Today that changed, as I just upgraded my plan with Aussie Broadband from 100/40Mbps, to 1000/50Mbps.

This story really started back when the NBN was first announced way back in 2009. The project originally planned to provide fibre connections to over 93% of Australians and was predicted to cost $43 billion over 8 years.

Now 11 years on from that announcement, the project is closing in on completing its connections to almost 12 million premises. Unfortunately, it looks like the decision to switch to a multi-technology mix has created a massive divide in the connection speeds possible at different locations.

Initially the 13% of households that would miss out on the fastest connections were located in really remote locations and just didn’t make sense financially. Now with Gigabit plans at ‘affordable’ prices, the awesome speed is restricted to a small percentage of the population with FTTP and HFC connections.

3.5 years ago, my wife and I built our dream home in a greenfield estate and a big drawcard was the FTTP connection. I hoped then that today would arrive, where access to the internet speeds was limited only by your budget, not by the cable type that connects to your house.

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While I’m amazingly happy to have the ability to connect to a 1Gbps service, I’m conscious of the millions of Australians on FTTN, FTTdp and Satellite connections that will never get to experience this. Many of these customers are struggling to get even 50Mbps down.

On the issue of upload speeds, it seems the NBN and RSP are viewing uploads as a premium feature they can make additional revenue on. This means if you want above 50Mbps, you’ll likely need to step into a business plan where 400Mbps and even 1Gbps is available, but at a seriously more expensive price.

So, what do you do with a 1Gbps service? Anything you want. There’s some much bandwidth available there you really can have the freedom to use the internet for any task you can think of and not have any individual task impact another.

Often web servers and content distribution networks (CDNs) have restrictions on the amount of bandwidth they’ll serve to each connection or customer. This means downloading a 100GB game from Xbox Live or Steam may not actually download any faster than a 100Mbps service.

This means the big advantage is really in simultaneous use. Streaming 4K (eventually 8K) on multiple TVs in the house, while also playing games online, streaming on Twitch, downloading windows updates, Syncing OneDrive backups, the list goes on and on.

A$150pm is certainly a lot more than I thought I’d be paying for internet per month, but for the amount of value I extract from my internet conneciton, a $50pm increase for up to 10x increase in speed, feels like great value.

I look forward to bringing you more of the experience of 1Gbps and if you have any questions, please let a comment below.

It’s a really nice place to live and in 2020, this is how the internet should be for everyone.

Now here’s the detail in video form.

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