How do you Reddit?


    Reddit is a phenomenon, providing a platform for niche topics to attract global audiences. I believe each of us have a very different experience based on the client we use to access it and the subreddits we subscribe to. One of the best methods of discovering new topics that you enjoy is to look through the posts on the front page and clicking through to the subreddit that a post comes from.

    What I’d like to do is share some of my favourite subreddits and have you leave yours in the comments. More than just the link to the subreddit, throw in a quick explanation of what’s great about it.

    I do use reddit on the web because I move between machines so rapidly, but also love r/etro for Windows 8 and BaconIT on WP8. Here are my favourites.

    Electric Vehicles
    Very likely the future of automotive transport, my next car will likely be an EV, so I always try and stay across the latest in this category. Also if I was ever going to invest in stock, it’d probably be in an Elon Musk company like Tesla.

    Car Tech
    The intersection of two of my favourite loves, cars and technology, cartech surfaces some of the most innovative science experiments in automotive.

    Windows Phone
    Naturally carrying a Lumia 920 as my daily, I need to be across the latest breaking news and this subreddit is one of my go-to places.

    Technology changes so fast, that we’re barely standing still to appreciate what we’ve got. Like a drug, we’re always after the next fix, what’s next, the future. This one is probably my most recent but will very quickly become a favourite.

    There’s no better time to check out /r/gaming than in the lead up to the next generation console releases from Microsoft and Sony. Things often get hot in the comments, but that’s what we love – passion.

    Another method to discover brand new subs is to hit the random button and let the internet decide what you see. I’ve actually found some great content this way, albeit a fairly inefficient method, it’s great for killing time.

    Now it’s your turn, let us know in the comments, how do you reddit?

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