How-to: buy a Tesla Model 3, configurator walkthrough

Tesla Model 3 (Melbourne)

The Tesla Model 3 has been available to order for a couple of weeks now and already there’s been some changes. Its time to walk through the configuration options we have in Australia, as they are unique and digest what those decisions mean.

While Australia doesn’t have all the options available in the US, there are a number of important choices you’ll need to make when ordering a Model 3 and some of these will help justify the price.

The reason people may choose to buy Tesla over other vehicles are varied and many. They range from decisions on the price vs range value proposition, to the performance numbers not available elsewhere. Some are set on only buying EVs for their next purchase, but buy Tesla based on their history of frequent feature additions to the car via over the air software updates.

Data has shown that many people stretch themselves financially to buy a Tesla and watching this video should help you understand where those decisions make sense.

With fewer parts in the car that require servicing, lower recharging than refuelling costs, the ongoing costs for the next 5-10 years needs to be considered when evaluating the purchase price. Ultimately you’ll pay a higher price up front, that’ll pay back over time.

Part of the equation when buying EVs is certainly the recharging infrastructure. While you can charge at home from a normal 240v outlet, you’ll also need to take the car on longer trips and require charging to get to or return from that trip. Model 3 will have access to the most chargers of any other EV on Australian roads.

Model 3 flush door handle

Not only can the Model 3 charge from Tesla’s Supercharger network, the most comprehensive EV recharging in the country, they also have access to thousands of destination chargers at hotels, shopping centers and more. The Model 3 even gets support for the new CCS-Type 2 chargers that are available at the Chargefox recharging network being built throughout Australia. Tesla has answered the question of recharging better than any other EV maker to date.

Others will love the minimal design of the Model 3 dash, giving it a future-leaning feel, rather than the standard array of knobs and dials we’ve seen for decades. With Tesla being such a technology-minded company, its no surprise everything but the hazard button (required by law) is digital, available from the 15″ touchscreen mounted in the center of the vehicle. As vehicle economics dictate global sale volumes, this digitisation, dramatically reduces the differences between RHD and LHD models.

Finally, there’s those who buy Tesla as they believe in Tesla’s Autonomous vision. The economics of the car purchase change considerably if you plan on enrolling it into Tesla fleet in a couple of years, to allow the car to go out into the world, transport other people and make money for you, when you don’t need it.

Tesla Model 3 door sill

Whatever your reasons for considering a Tesla Model 3, I hope the video helps you understand the options you have in Australia. If you do order a Model 3, the August isn’t too long to wait for delivery.

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