HP Slate 500 video shows multiple issues

Slate 500Slate 500

HP have released details on their upcoming 8.9”, Windows 7 running, Slate 500. The HP-released video for the device below is meant to promote the device, instead shows off a number of issues with the slate.

17 seconds: We see a radiologist insert an SD card into the Slate 500 and use the pinch and zoom multi-touch gesture to zoom in on an X-ray. There’s a couple of things that happen, the first is that it registers the touch as a single touch first as the mouse cursor jumps the location or one of his fingers. The second issue is the noticeable lag between making the on-screen gesture and the image actually updating on the screen.
Slate 500

Performance lag
55 seconds: When accepting a Skype video call you can see just how hard the user has to press to register a touch. Once the tap is complete, the finger is lifted and there’s a real lag before anything happens. So much so the shot is actually changed before we see Skype respond and accept the call.

Slate 500

Practical use of the camera
1:44: None of us have ever tried taking a photo with a 8.9” device, or frankly anything over the size of a camera or smartphone.. there’s a reason for that.. it’s awkward, clunky and not something your going to want to do. This is perfectly demonstrated by this guy attempting to take a photo of damage to his car.
Slate 500

Watch the video for yourself.

As the device hasn’t yet shipped, these observations are NOT based actually using the device, but rather just observations from the video. Hopefully these issues aren’t present when the Slate gets in the hands of professionals.

Engadget has the price of the HP Slate 500 at US$799. More than the 10” iPad, but less than the 7” Samsung Tab. No word on Australian availability at this stage.

More info @ CrunchGear

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