HTC Velocity 4G gets Android 4.0 (ICS)

Velocity 4G ICS

This afternoon, Telstra has released the much anticipated, Ice Cream Sandwich update for HTC Velocity 4G owners. One of my biggest criticisms during the review of the Velocity 4G was its old operating system. Today that is being remedied. So now the fastest (connected) phone in the country has the latest software to complete the experience.

There is of course still the issue of hardware buttons on the device, however some users actually prefer these. With ICS on-board, the HTC Velocity 4G, really does become a much better phone and is now a serious competitor for the title of best Android device in Australia.. Look out Galaxy Nexus.

Shout out to @MarkDaviid on twitter for letting us know about the update. If you’d like to read user experience in upgrading to ICS, including those trying to revert back to the stock build before the update, check out Whirlpool.

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