iiNet TopGeek champion is..

Last night the top 6 finalists in iiNet’s TopGeek competition battled it out on stage. In a 3 round, quiz-show style event held in Perth (iiNet’s HQ), there could be only one Top Geek.

The first round consisted of general geek questions where anyone could buzz in. Get the answer right and you get 1 point, but answer wrong and your score by dropped by 1.After the first round two of the six were knocked out.

The second round quiz questions were targeted to each person’s speciality. After answering 5 questions each, the two contestants with the lowest score would also be out.


Those following along on the live stream would know this is where my journey ended. Still top 4 out of all of Australia, I’m bloody happy with that.

So down to the final 2, how else could it be decided, but with a classic game of Pong on the big screen.

As the crowd watched (live and online), the tension was immense. After months of hard work and dedication it all came down to this !

And the winner of iiNet TopGeek 2011 was Cassandra James!! Skadris Gunsmith put up an awesome fight, but congrats to @cassu for taking out the title. She’s now off on an all expenses paid trip to Comicon 2012 in the U.S.

Nearly all the top 20 contestants were there to see the result and congratulate Cass on her victory, each of which will receive a Bob2 from iiNet prior to release. Watch out for a review on that one.

Props to iiNet for running the TopGeek competition and highlighting people who are passionate about what they do. It was fantastic to see CEO of iiNet, Michael Malone in the front row, cheering us on.

#TopGeek was trending #2 in Australia last night and thousands watched the event streamed live online.

Good news for those that didn’t win or enter this year, iiNet are doing it all again in 2012 !


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