LinkedIn finally launch official Windows Phone app

One of the biggest criticisms of Windows Phone is application availability. While there may be 90k+ apps in the marketplace, there are still some A-list apps from other platforms that aren’t on Windows Phone. One of those apps has been business-orientated social network LinkedIn. Today the official LinkedIn app has arrived in the Windows Phone Marketplace. While there has been 3rd party apps like IN+ Networking and Link Me In, there’s nothing like an official application, supported and updated by the company that runs the service.

It turns out the app is pretty well designed, implementing the metro-style UI that we’ve come to love on Windows Phone. All the regular functions are available from the app, such as keeping up-to-date with updates from your contacts, company and group updates as well as job search results. While its late to the game, it is great to see an official LinkedIn app for Windows Phone so WP users don’t have to resort to 3rd party solutions of varying quality to connect with business.

Windows Phone users can download the app for free from the Marketplace.

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