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Logitech Ultrathin keyboard 009 (700x467)

While iPad cases and covers are not usually that interesting, this ultrathin offering from Logitech demands attention. Many manufacturers have attempted to bring a bluetooth enabled keyboard to the iPad to solve typing speed issue with on-screen keyboards.

The issue with most iPad cases with keyboards is the extra size and bulk associated with housing all the electronics. Microsoft recently got a lot of attention for coming up with their solution to this problem with their touch cover for Surface. While that won’t be available for a few months, there’s a cover for your current tablet that works great.

The Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover fits both the iPad2 and iPad3 and contains the necessary magnets and to be a smart cover. For those not familiar, this is pretty uncommon in 3rd party covers, but your device will sleep/wake automatically when opening/closing the case.


The style of the cover matches the back of the iPad, appearing as if it was from the factory that way. The only way you’d know is the Logitech logo up front. It does catch you out from time to time as the case actually needs to be on the bottom after you’ve opened the cover. Once you work out the Apple logo needs to be up before separating, to setup for work, it’s a straight forward process to slot in the iPad to the dedicated slot.

There is one limitation to a design like this, it allows only one angle and one orientation. The only other item I’d knock the case on is the loudness of the plastic key presses. Most people would get this to use in a business situation. An environment that typically attracts death stares for loud typing. Compared to silent touches on glass, of course it would loose, but given you’ll be much more productive, its probably a good tradeoff.


Logitech Ultrathin keyboard 001 (700x467) Logitech Ultrathin keyboard 008 (700x467)Logitech Ultrathin keyboard 011 (700x467) Logitech Ultrathin keyboard 013 (700x467) Logitech Ultrathin keyboard 014 (700x467) Logitech Ultrathin keyboard 015 (700x467)Logitech Ultrathin keyboard 016 (700x467) Logitech Ultrathin keyboard 024 (700x467)

Price and availability

The cover will set you back A$99.95 which is good value for what you get. Some less intelligent, fatter covers will set you back much more than that. Logitech also include the USB cable required to recharge the keyboard. Speaking of recharging, after using the cover on and off for more than a week, I am yet to recharge it. Not bad considering the Bluetooth connection is renowned for being hungry on power.

The Logitech Ultrathin keyboard cover is available now.

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More info @ Logitech

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