Lumia 820/920 accessory prices unveiled, still can’t order


Smartphones and accessories go hand in hand and each year consumers spend hundreds of dollars on protecting, styling and charging their devices. One the most frustrating parts of the Windows Phone 8 launch has been the lack of accessories. As Nokia 920s started arriving to Australians this week, that moment we knew was coming, arrived.

A brand new, nice phone and no ability to integrate it into our lives in the way we really want. Nobody in Australia has been able to enjoy the heavily marketed point of difference, wireless charging found in the Nokia 920. While we still can’t order accessories for Nokia’s new flagship, we now get prices.

Before we get to prices, lets talk about the site, for such a well designed device, running a beautiful OS, this accessory site – is one of the worst designed sites I’ve come across in a long time.

  • Fatboy wireless charging pillows – $99.95
  • JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker with NFC – $199.95
  • JBL Wireless Charging Speaker with NFC – $349
  • Lumia 820 Wireless Charging shell – $39.95
  • Nokia Wireless Charging Pad – $69.95
  • Nokia Wireless Charging Stand with NFC – $99.95
  • Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster (over-ear) – $249
  • Nokia Monster Purity Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headset (over-ear) – $349.95

All items are currently listed as ‘Coming soon’, let’s hope that’s very soon. Also there needs to be offerings from 3rd party accessory manufacturers like car mounts and bedside clocks.


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