Merry Christmas! Hope you found technology under the tree this year.

Today is that day where you unwrap presents and many of those hopefully involve some level of technology. If you gave a present with technology in it, hopefully you remembered to check the box and ensure the batteries were included.

Game consoles are always a classic, but that experience of unboxing and playing is typically met with hours and hours of updates before you play your first minute of a game. Unfortunately there’s no real way of avoiding this, unless Santa was diligent enough to update it for you.

Hopefully a few of you found creative presents under the tree. I’m really hoping there were plenty of development products like Sphero for the little ones and Raspberri Pi 4 for the older kids.

There’ll also be plenty of people that received gift cards this Christmas. What used to be considered as the unpersonal gift, it’s now better recognised as the gift you give when you appreciate a friend or family member knows more about their needs than you do. This helps the receiver select the gift they really want, so gift cards really are a great present, as long as they’re for the right store.

Gifting access to a streaming service like Netflix, Disney+, Spotfiy, or even training services like Udemy or Lynda is also a great option. Of course there’s also software services like Adobe Creative Cloud that are great present for those aspiring photographers, web developers and graphic designers in your life. These gifts offer ongoing benefits for months, rather than a big bang on Christmas day.

Another big tech present this year will be smart home products which continue to rise in popularity. Whether its smart home doorbells, security cameras or garage door openers, there’s a lot of life improving benefits to be had. The setup of these can be frustrating at times, but generally worth while persisting to achieve the outcome. If you received one of these, make sure you head to IFTTT to see if your product can integrate with other smart home products like voice assistants or smart lighting.

If you were lucky enough to land some technology under the tree, enjoy it and really hope you got the necessary battery or charger that means you get to use it today.

Merry Christmas to all.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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