Microsoft unveils $15 Windows 8 Upgrade program

If you are scouring the market for a new, Windows 7-based PC, you may want to hold off for another day or so. Microsoft announced yesterday that consumers who purchase a PC (between the second of June, this year to the thirty-first of January next year) that ships with Windows 7 will be eligible for a $15 upgrade to Windows 8. Of course, this upgrade will only be available to said consumers after the official release of Microsoft’s next operating system.

To make this offer even sweeter, the tech giant is- unlike the previous two upgrade plans offered during the XP-to-Vista and Vista-to-7 periods- offering all consumers a copy of Windows 8 Professional, regardless of the Windows 7 Edition that ships with their eligible PC.

Although no official pricing has been revealed for all available editions of Windows 8, it’s certain that this offer will save end-users big bucks– assuming they’re planning to upgrade their PC, of course.

Will the “Windows Step-Up Offer” be enough to entice you towards purchasing a new system? Leave a comment below which details your opinion.

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