Model 3 Performance delivery times blow out past Christmas, now Feb 2020

If you’ve been reading up on Tesla and have decided you want a Model 3, then I have some bad news for you.. it won’t be here by Christmas.

Today the updated estimated delivery for a Tesla Model 3 Performance in Australia has now been updated to February, a massive 4 months from now. Importantly as we close in on the end of 2019, this means you won’t get your new car for Christmas.

There is some good news though, those who are happy with the Standard Range Plus or Long Range versions will see an estimated delivery date of December. The exact date in December matters, particularly if you’re cashed up and planning on putting a Model 3 under the tree for December 25.

While the delay in delivery timeframes is certainly a blow to those about to order, it does indicate strong demand for the product in Australia. The Model 3 already represents the highest selling EV in the country and with strong vehicle sales running through the end of 2019, shows Tesla how enthusiastic Aussies are about their technology (on wheels).

Out of interest, I also checked the Model S and Model X pages which list both Long Range and Performance models with an timeframe of December.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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  1. Given that when we bought our last Japanese brand car we had to wait 3 months for delivery, how does this news justify a headline? When we asked whether we should change colour for a faster delivery, we were told that it wouldn’t change delivery times. We even offered to purchase the one off the showroom floor…no go. Our purchase was a standard run of the mill SUV, not the latest high demand electric offering.

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