Nanoleaf Lines Skins are snap-on covers that make smart lights look better when off

The Nanoleaf lines are one of my favourite smart lighting products (read the review from December), but today Nanoleaf added a new product to make them even better.

Smart lighting looks amazing when the product is on, but it has been an ongoing challenge to make products look good when they’re switched off. Nanoleaf’s new offering is a snap-on cover for the Lines range. 

Launching in the Australian market and available for pre-order, Lines Skins in both Matte Black and Matte Pink will elevate the lighting experience, transforming the back-lit lighting bars into an art decor piece when not switched on. 

At AUD $39.99 for a 9-pack of Lines Skins, it will open up endless opportunities for your layout. 

You’ll see below that when you augment Lines with these new skins, they can really transform the look of the Lines. Perhaps the best demonstration of this is the vertical arrangement on the wall of the entrance.

Having the Matte Black skins provides a great contrast to the light wall behind them, making these look like a piece of art. While the Lines look good in white, I think they look better in a contrasting colour. The plastic cover caps are also covered, with the only exception being the hexagonal controller module.

For more information about the Lines Skins range, you will be able to access this at the bottom of the Lines product page here: 

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