New Internode Plans on new link, disappointing

    New Internode Plans

    Internode have updated their broadband plans, in preparation for the new international connection finally coming online. The new plans will be active from this Thursday 8/10/09.

    From October 6th 2009 a range of new broadband plans has been launched by Internode. We’re passing on to customers the benefits of the PIPE PPC-1 fibre-optic link, which goes live this Thursday.

    PPC-1, an undersea cable that links Sydney with the western Pacific island of Guam, delivers a significant increase in Australia’s international data interconnection, thereby reducing data transfer costs. From Guam, Internode uses other cable systems to link through to the USA and beyond.

    The new cable was supposed to dramatically reduce broadband costs and increase download quotas. Unfortunately the reality is a fairly incremental change in plans. The biggest (read:highest promoted) change is the Easy Broadband Plan which updates from 30GB to 50GB download quota.

    Personally I’ve been on the ADSL TwoPlus 40GB plan. Apparently that’s no longer available in the new plans. The new options are 25GB for $89.95 or 50GB for $115.95.

    Most current customers can stay on their existing plans, however that’s not really the point here is it. The new cable was supposed to bring lower prices and higher downloads, for my situation, this hasn’t been the case.

    I understand TwoPlus plans have a piggyback on Telstra’s equipment, attracting a much higher cost than Internode’s normal ADSL2+ plans. So is Telstra to blame here ?

    Overall the plan changes aren’t as dramatic as expected, which leaves a lot of people feeling disappointed. Head over to the Whirlpool forums or watch twitter to keep track of public opinion. Also leave your thoughts in the comments.

    More @ Internode

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