Next Level Racing announces new F-GT Lite iRacing Edition cockpit with 1-year subscription

If you’re into racing sims, then pay attention. Two of the heavyweights in the racing sim industry and teaming up, with a new collaboration between Next Level Racing and iRacing delivering the F-GT Lite iRacing Edition cockpit. The partnership is designed to bring a premier simulation experience to a wider audience.

“As well as working with iRacing with the goal of bringing the best high-end racing simulators such as the upcoming F-GT Elite iRacing Edition for competitive sim racers, both companies also have a clear goal to make sim racing more accessible globally.

Next Level Racing are also proud to offer an entry-level simulator at an affordable price point combined with a 12 month of iRacing membership for new users.”

Hess Ghah, CEO of Next Level Racing

The first product of Next Level Racing’s collaboration with iRacing, the F-GT Lite iRacing Edition, is based on the highly successful F-GT Lite design. Featuring the revolutionary design that allows drivers to race in Formula and GT driving positions, the F-GT Lite iRacing Edition is also foldable, ideal for sim racers with space limitations.

To make the immersive, premier simulation experience more accessible, Next Level Racing and iRacing are also proud to include a 12-month iRacing membership for new users with the purchase of the F-GT Lite iRacing Edition, with 16 cars and 22 racing circuits in 70 unique configurations available immediately to all new members.

The launch of the Next Level Racing F-GT Lite iRacing Edition cockpit cements the goals of the two companies to grow the sim racing community and to make the premium, immersive sim-racing experience more accessible.

“This partnership with iRacing fully encompasses our values of building the sim racing community, increasing accessibility for more aspiring racers and promoting competition through eSports.”

Next Level Racing and iRacing’s second highly anticipated premium co-branded cockpit, the F-GT Elite iRacing Edition will be released with the rest of the Elite series cockpit range in September 2021.

The Next Level Racing F-GT Lite iRacing Edition Frame is available from August/September 2021 through global retailers, including those in Europe (349 Euro VAT included), North America ($349 USD), Asia-Pacific (349 USD GST included), Australia ($499 AUD) and UK (299 GBP VAT included).

Find out more about the Next Level Racing F-GT Lite iRacing Edition

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