Next Level Racing announces new flagship Elite Series SimRacing cockpits are coming in June

    Next Level Racing has announced a new product range is coming. This new range which is due in June this year, will be an aluminium profile cockpit, named the Elite series.  

    The new Next Level Racing Elite series cockpits will be their new flagship series. If you’re serious about sim racing, then get excited, as NLR continue to put out quality sims and to hear they’re working on a new aluminum setup, is definitely something to look forward to.

    The Elite Series is set to offer amazing levels of adjustability and unparalleled quality and features. Next Level Racing‘s in-house engineers have designed the Elite series cockpit to offer uncompromised performance, perfectly suiting the needs of the most demanding sim racers and professional real-world race teams. 

    Next Level Racing released a teaser image along with the announcement, which appears to show some of the aluminium side rail, and bears the logo F-GT Elite. As we know from the F-GT models in the past, these offer the flexibility to race in either a formula one-style position or a more upright Grant Touring or GT position. Either way, the construction material for the sim is important as it impacts the structural rigidity and weight of the setup.

    With a really strong chassis, your racing sim will be strong enough to hang monitor mounts and accessories from it, but also give you confidence it’s not going to move as you get aggressive with the wheel and pedal inputs.

    “For over 10 years, Next Level Racing has been continuously improving our designs, materials, quality, features, packaging and instructions for our products. Aluminium profile was a natural progression for us and our clear goal has been to simply provide the best aluminium profile cockpits available and set a new benchmark for a racing simulator.”

    “Our R&D team have worked relentlessly to give our customers everything possible with design and engineering for the new Elite category of products that we are not only excited for, but very proud of. The Elite series cockpit combined with the Next Level Racing Motion platforms is the perfect combination for ultimate immersion and realism.” 

    Hess Ghah, CEO of Next Level Racing

    Next Level Racing is dedicated to providing the best simulation experience to our racers, with the range expansion providing the best options for on-track immersion, and industry leading customer support off the track. 

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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