Now Nissan is making a smart watch and it’s awesome


In probably the hottest new segment of the industry right now, welcome Nissan. Wearable tech is everywhere and the automotive industry now wants in on the action.  The Nismo Watch by Nissan is probably the best looking smart watch today, even beating the likes of Sony and Samsung and definitely Pebble.

This is quite a different take on the features that a smart watch should offer. The watch is more of a wide band that wraps its sexy self around your wrist. There’s a simply button and display that is your interface to the connected world without taking your phone from your pocket. Naturally there’s the social feeds, the but more impressively, vehicle data is pushed to the watch.

With connection to your phone only iPhone shown, your Top speed, average speed and Fuel Efficiency are all communicated to your watch. This info is obviously neat at the team, but your eyes should be on the road, it’s design to review when away from the vehicle. The watch connected to weather services, giving you info and suggestions as to when it’s the best time for a drive.

There’s even reminders about services, something plenty of us forget. It’d be great if this was less about when a date ticked over, but when vehicle sensors detected it was required. Magically the watch can even monitor your heart rate. I’m guessing this is done through the underside watching your pulse.

Nissan Nismo Watch epitomises Nissan’s ‘fans first’ approach to performance and demonstrates Nissan vision to take cutting-edge performance analysis and training tools, similar to those used in the Nissan Lab. The Nismo watch comes in three colours, Black, Red and White, you know, so you can match it with your GTR.


Now watch the intro video of the Nissan Nismo watch.

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