NSW students will study online instead of the classroom, due to Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is spreading fast and overnight, the Australian Federal Government has upgraded its travel advice, to ‘do not travel’ to China. The Department of Education in NSW, has now told students who have been to China in the last 2 weeks, to stay home.

With the school year starting back today, these students run the risk of falling behind. Instead, these students will start the year by accessing course material online.

Being able to be to participate in society, while being physically located at home, may become increasingly important as the crisis spreads. We’ve been fairly slow adopters of remote working, despite increasing levels of connectivity.

Unfortunately it could take something awful, like the Coronavirus, to accelerate the option of working from home, studying from home and critically important, receiving eHealth at home.

Right now there are multiple teams around the globe, including one in Australia that are working on a vaccine. With important safety testing required, it’s predicted any solution could be as much as 3 months away.

There is a lot of miss information online and this morning Twitter implemented a button at the top of the search for #coronavirus to link people to official Government and WHO sources.

This issue isn’t one that impacts all states and territories, and like the bushfire mobile apps, is an example of where we need an Australian response, not a state-based one.

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