Nvidia Geforce RTX are amazing, but are you buying ?

Last week, Nvidia set a new benchmark for GPUs, offering their latest lineup of cards under the RTX branding. The lineup starts with the entry level Geforce RTX 2070, with the middle card the RTX 2080, with the top of the tree and new most powerful single consumer GPU, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

The new cards offer a serious boost in performance over the previous generation, but it’s the new ability to do real-time ray-tracing that is the stand out feature.

In the long running battle between PC and console gamers, this new set of cards from Nvidia, clearly moves the PC’s abilities far beyond what’s possible with consoles (powered by AMD graphics).

For those with the most intense needs, Nvidia also announced the GeForce RTX NVLINK Bridge that can connect multiple RTX 2080 Ti or RTX 2080’s together, much like SLI bridges of the past.

Being the performers that they are, the new cards don’t come cheap, with the RTX 2080 starting at A$1,199.00 and ranging up to A$1,899.00 for the 2080 Ti founder editions. This is good news for those after GTX 1080s and 1080 Ti’s as there’s likely to be a price drop with a new generation in town.

With the rise of crypto mining, Nvidia has hard a challenge on their hands, of supplying enough stock to gamers, and miners. With a new line of cards, sure to be in high demand, Nvidia has placed a limit of 2 (of each) GPUs per customer.

You can pre-order or signup for notification of new stock availability at https://www.nvidia.com/en-au/geforce/products/store/

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