Nvidia’s Australian store now live with free shipping

Nvidia has opened the doors to Australia. Of course their products have been available and loved by Australians for decades, but today they announced their very own online store.

Fans of the products can head to the website now and purchase Nvidia products.

There’s currently just 2 products available GTX 1080 Ti and the mega Titan Xp. Apparently Nvidia thinks you may loose your mind and buy lots of these, so they’re limited the Titan Xp to just 2 per customer. I’d suggest you’re wallet would probably prevent your trigger finger from hitting buy on too many, with the price of A$1,950.00.

If you’re building a system at home, you’ll likely eye the VR-ready GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition which will set you back for A$1,129.00.

These prices certainly aren’t the cheapest you can find (Scorptech has it for $1,089), but you will get free express shipping. Buying from the source does provide a sense of confidence about your purchase over the slew of questionable online retailers.

If you’re keen, head over to nvidia.com/en-au/shop and check it out.

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