PlayStation 4 launched at midnight, did you get one?


Overnight Sony’s PS4 launched in Australia. Around the country a there were more than 320 EB Games stores open for midnight launches. It turns out you kids love your PlayStation with Shane Stockwell, Merchandising Director, confirming the launch of the PS4 has surpassed the launch of the PS3 by more than double which is a great thing for the gaming industry to see growth of this size. “This was one of the biggest console launches of all time, and was twice the size of the PlayStation 3 launch we saw in 2007. Demand for the PlayStation 4 is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and we are currently taking preorders for shipments in early 2014.”

When it comes to the International landscape, it is strange that Australia was not included in the list of launch countries, with the console first shipping in the US on November 15th. It looks like supply is constrained. EB Games now list the next earliest time you can a get a PS4 is an ‘early 2014 shipment’, you’ll need to part ways with A$549 to secure one. Hopefully Sony ramp up production quickly and solve this supply problem. By comparison, you can walk into most electronic retailers today and pickup an Xbox One.  

Debra McGrath, National Brand, Engagement & Events Manager attended the Official EB Store Launch at Liverpool last night said “It’s awesome to see the entire community come together to get involved and celebrate, particularly those who’ve never witnessed a console launch. Thousands of fans came out last night to witness and be a part of the beginning of a new generation, for both technology and the games community.”

It’s not entirely surprising last night was big, given the first preorder was placed way back on the 5th of July, 2011.  Just so we’re clear, that’s before it was officially announced. If you didn’t grab a PlayStation 4 last night, let us know why not in the comments?


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