PS4 release date announced, Nov15 in US, Nov 29 in Aus, Europe (Updated)


    At the end of Sony’s Gamescom Press Conference they game us perhaps the single most important detail, the release date. In North America, the PS4 will launch on November 15th, while the Europe launch is a little later on November 29th.

    Sony took the opportunity to announce they already have 1 million pre-orders of PS4. That’s an impressive number, but we don’t yet have a pre-order number from Microsoft to compare. The PS4 will be launching in 32 countries this holiday season.

    Unfortunately we don’t yet have a confirmed Australian release date for the PS4, we’ve contacted PlayStation PR for a date. They have to hit the pre-Christmas period to maximise sales and if the date falls into December, that’s leaving their run very late. Best case scenario is that we get the same date as the US, but due to our time zone advantage, we get it before them. A much more likely scenario is that we land somewhere around the Europe release date.

    We have official confirmation that the PS4 release date in Australia is November 29th which means it’ll be a few hours before Europe.

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