PS4 suffering from Blue Light of Death


Sony’s latest gaming console, the PS4 is off to a great start with reported sales passing 1 million in just 24 hours. By comparison back in 2010, the PS3 was reaching peak sales and sold 1.36 million in a month, so for the PS4 to get close to that in a day, its safe to say it was a successful launch.

Of course these sales included only a small list of launch countries of which Australia wasn’t included. Our launch for the PS4 will come after the Xbox One (22/11/13) on the 29/11/2013.

The launch numbers are good, but it hasn’t been without issue. Some small percentage of PS4 owners (yet to be recognised by Sony) are experiencing DOA (Dead on arrival). This is most commonly expressed by a blue pulsing light on top of the console, now known online as BLoD. Hopefully this isn’t widespread and Sony replaces any affected consoles to avoid a disaster similar to that of Microsoft’s RRoD issue that cost the Xbox more than $1 Billion.

More information @ Cnet Australia.

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