QLD DataFarming launches Series A $5 million round to help farmers use AI

    Australians are known for their love of technology and as early adopters, we look to tech to new tech to provide efficiencies and perhaps nowhere is more representative than in farming. Aussie farmers have run to agritech innovations to improve farming efficiencies, crop yields and reduce costs wherever possible.

    DataFarming is a Queensland-based company that creates digital solutions across the country and the globe. With around 40% of Australian grain farms (28,000) using their Digital-Agronomist platform.

    Agri-intelligence uses machine learning to derive real-time insights into agricultural production across the landscape. Their satellite imagery is updated every five days means farmers and agronomists can monitor their crops and pastures from above in near real-time. The fidelity of these images, allows farmers to drill down to a 70-centimetre by 70-centimetre resolution.

    To continue driving this success, DataFarming has launched its Series A $5 million capital raise on the growAG. platform to support the development of its product suite and scale globally. Learn more about this investment opportunity here.

    We’ve got a few products, including the cloud-based Digital Agronomist, which delivers satellite images to farmers every five days to help manage the variability they’re dealing with, whether it’s assessing crop yield in field or over time, or making decisions about fertiliser use.

    This helps identify what’s causing production variability factors – and we’ve built tools like variable rate application to fix those problems. Almost every producer has an agronomist, but the ability for the agronomists to service more fields can be challenging. Technology can certainly assist agronomists and farmers to do a more thorough and faster job of checking crops.

    We have taken a consultancy business, which is high value, high cost and high touch point and we’ve turned that around completely into a light touch point, mass market and low price point digital platform.

    We are placing valuable, easy-to-use farm data into the hands of every agronomist and producer.

    DataFarming Managing Director, Tim Neale
     DataFarming cofounders, husband and wife, Tim and Peta Neale.
    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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