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The latest edition of the Fast & Furious movie arrives on the big screen this week and gamers can experience the cars of the movie in their lounge room. A standalone expansion of racing game Forza Horizon 2, sees Fast & Furious be brought to life in the very successful Forza gaming engine.

This expansion is unlike the standard DLC where we get more cars, so much so, you don’t access this by launching Forza Horizon 2, it really is much more like what we’re used to from demos.

Launching Fast & Furious, you’re welcomed by an unskippable Universal introduction video. After you get through that, you’ll embark on a journey of competitions to win the cars from the movie. Filling a garage with these iconic cars is made easier by the location, the gorgeous streets of Nice, France.

As you progress through Forza Horizon Presents Fast & Furious, you’ll collect the 2014 Maserati Ghibli S Fast & Furious Edition, 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Fast & Furious Edition, 2015 Dodge Charger R/T Fast & Furious Edition, 1970 Plymouth Cuda Fast & Furious Edition, 2012 Nissan GT-R Fast & Furious Edition.

By far, the champion of the title Dom’s 1970 Dodge Charger which is the first car with a bonnet full of a 426 Hemi complete with moving throttle boddies and butterflies. The engine creates 425 horsepower and its sure easy to smoke the tyres. Externally, you can also tell an R/T 426 by its wider fenders, rolled to accommodate the 15-inch wheel option. On the inside, the trademark simulated walnut three-spoke steering wheel and Hurst pistol-grip shifter make an unforgettable impression. As a package, the Challenger R/T has enough appeal to make a Mopar lover out of anyone.


Price and Availability

What definitely could have been a comfortable $15-$20 DLC package is actually a FREE standalone expansion. That is however for a limited time only. It’s likely the movie producers threw some cash at Forza to make this happen, but as a fan of the movie and game franchises, I’m really glad they did.

To celebrate the April 3 theatrical launch of “Furious 7,” the standalone expansion will be available at no charge for a limited two-week period. Players can download the expansion on Xbox One or Xbox 360 at no charge from March 27 through April 10, after this, the expansion will cost $13.45. Players who downloaded it during the initial two-week window can continue to play without restriction.

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As an experienced Forza driver, you won’t really be challenged by the tasks you face in this expansion. That said, it doesn’t mean they’re not fun. There is no way to get these special edition vehicles in the normal Forza Horizon 2, so grab the expansion while it’s free.

Achievements are way too easy to come by, in just 2 hours of playing, I easily surpassed the Horizon 2 gamerscore I’d accumulated from more than 20hrs of racing. If you’re after a quick gamerscore boost, then grab this expansion, but it does devalue the effort of gamers in other titles. Props to the achievement designer for choosing great titles. You’ll score the “too soon junior” Achievement by blasting through all you’re NOS in the first half of a race. There’s a bunch of other titles that come directly from lines in the movie.

If you’re a fan of the movies, Cnet has a great background story on the guy who builds the cars for the movie.

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