Samsung misses the point, makes light 3D glasses

Samsung Tomorrow

Samsung have just released press shots of these new ‘light’ weight’ 3D glasses. On a new Japanese website they claim the glasses are the lightest ever 3D glasses. Thanks to the magic of Bing Translator, English speaking individuals can read the news as well.

Made by luxury glasses manufacturer Sihouete and weighing in at just 28 grams, they are really light, well done. The problem is, the weight of the glasses has nothing to do with the reason people aren’t lining up in droves for 3DTVs. Even the most enthusiastic 3D supported has to admit all of the glasses (these included) are ugly. Can someone please get Oakley on the phone ? Its unlikely that you’ll ever look cool wearing glasses inside, but there’s a long way to go before you don’t look like a tool.

There’s even a 50/50 weight distribution to avoid pressure on your nose. Samsung, you really have pulled out all the stops here. The Samsung 3D glasses do have one redeeming feature, the ability to auto-detect wether your wearing them and automatically power them on or off. This conserves battery life, that’s right, get used to charging your glasses.

Samsung may not be the only ones with 3D glasses announcements this week, with CES 2011 about to get underway. 3DTV is sure to be, yet again, a big theme of the show.

Samsung Tomorrow light 3D Glasses

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