SevenRooms delivers tech to your business, expands to Australia

SevenRooms is a US-based company that has today expanded into Australia. The service offers hospitality operators the ability to offer a smart, data-driven guest experience.

SevenRooms’ platform includes a reservation, waitlist, and table management as well as online ordering, contactless order & pay, reputation management, and marketing automation.

The system empowers operators to create better relationships with guests that maximise profits, by delivering exactly what the customer wants, exceptional experiences.

ABS data reveals that 54% of hospitality staff lost work in the first few months of the pandemic, while the food and accommodation sector experienced a 39% decline from April to June.

This means our hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit by COVID19, so it’s important that as we re-open, it’s done with the least amount of guess work possible.

It is possible for businesses to come out of the Coronavirus, better than they went in if you can transform your organisation into one that leverages technology and data to reduce the risks and deliver what customers want.

Far too often we see passion projects end in disaster, as the dreams of a passionate owner, are not aligned with what customers want. It’s fine to have niche businesses, you just have to size operations accordingly.

If you’re serious about growth, then you need to have all aspects of the business from lead generation, to the service delivery and customer feedback, all feeding in into a constant improvement model. SevenRooms gives you that.

Now used in more than 250 cities worldwide, Sevenrooms has an impressive list of customers including Bloomin’ Brands, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, MGM Resorts International, Wolfgang Puck and, locally, Momento Hospitality Group, SkyCity Entertainment Group and Matteo Sydney.

In June the company completed a US$50 million Series B funding round.

SevenRooms is currently reviewing sites for its Australian HQ and plans to significantly increase headcount over the coming 12 months. A key focus of local investment will be initiatives that directly support the local hospitality sector, such as partnerships and marketing investments, to help operators adapt and drive growth as lockdowns continue to ease and the economy opens up.

SevenRooms’ Australian launch comes at a time when the need for its comprehensive, end-to-end platform has never been greater, with hospitality one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic.

The Australian team will be led by General Manager, Australia, Paul Hadida, who brings a decade of local and global experience in hospitality technology to the role.

“With Australian hospitality operators facing a rapidly changing environment, I’m excited and humbled to be leading the launch of a platform that will drive guest intelligence, superior experience and loyalty for our industry.”

General Manager, Australia, Paul Hadida

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  1. Great article – if you’re interested in covering an Australian company doing the same thing please let me know. Now Book It was founded in Australia in 2015, boasts over 3,000 restaurant clients and has all the capabilites of Sevenrooms plus lots more!

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