Sharp Elite LED LCD takes crown for black levels, Kuro-who ?

Sharp Elite LED LCD

In the past Pioneer’s premium plasma TV brand Kuro had the crown of the best black levels on the market. That was of course, until Kuro’s were discontinued. The world has moved on from Plasma, with a clear LCD future, TV manufacturers have battled to achieve that same deep black level goodness. Until now.

Why does this matter? By accurately representing blacks, it means the colours ‘pop’ more. Not only that, but black is actually black, not the washed out backlit grey that your used to. Some people notice this more than others, but in a dark room, with a dark scene, you should only see elements that are lit. 

The new 60 and 70 inch Sharp LCD TV’s come with the Elite label, quality and price tag to match. The Elite will sell for $6k+ but for the best of the best, that’s not out of this world. Naturally any decent TV that ships today has internet connectivity and apps. In the US, it’ll ship with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, CinemaNow, Vudu and Netflix. Given not all of the those services are available in Aus, expect our lineup to be a little modified.

Check out the video below for an eyes-on video from Engadget.

More info @ Engadget

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