SkyDrive HTML5 update rolling, looks like Windows Explorer online

SkyDrive HTML5 update

SkyDrive has had very little in the way of updates since we first got access back in 2008. Its biggest revision to date – a HTML5 version, is shipping now and being rolled out across the globe. Check out the video below for the redesigned UI, handling of photos, cross-browser compatibility and more.

Annoyingly, they haven’t fixed the issue of only being able to Sync 5GB of storage, instead of the 25GB SkyDrive storage. Still, having a Windows Explorer-type experience on the web is much more appealing to general users. Much easier to explain and learn, with Win7 jump lists, SkyDrive is easily accessible.

Photos also get a pretty big update and while it’s still possible to view photos in the traditional details view, your much more likely to use the very visual thumbnail view. This reorganises dynamically to your window size, thanks to HTML5 magic.

SkyDrive HTML5 Photos

The update to SkyDrive looks great, now the only question is when will you get it. Just head to and keep hitting that F5 key. I can confirm it has now landed in Australia, do yourself a favour and pin this to your Taskbar.

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