Sony Announces PS4 with new DualShock Controller


    This morning Sony Announced it’s new PlayStation 4 with a focus on instantaneous game play and social features. Its specs have been upped and the interface has been completely redesigned.
    The PlayStation 4 features a brand new Octacore ‘supercharged’ x86 processor, moving away from the x64 of the PS3. It also features a GPU with DDR5 memory and a secondary CPU for background tasks and downloads.

    The new DualShock controller is more rounded than the previous controller, it features a touchpad, a new share button, headphone jack and a stereo camera that can track 3D position through a light bar.

    Its instantaneous gameplay focus comes into place with a sleep like function where you can put the PS4 into a sleep like state so you can instantly resume it when you return to it. It’s other big feature in this department is its ability to start playing a game you are downloading while it is still downloading.

    The user interface and social aspects are completely redesigned allowing you to view news, customised store items and even broadcast your own live stream of your game to all your friends on the PlayStation Network. Your friends can then comment on your gameplay, help you out on a difficult level or just chat to you while you play.

    It also has a remote play feature similar to that of the WII U, where the PS4 acts as a server to the Vita to be able to play your PS4 games on it while you are out of the room and in bed or kicked out by the rest of the family from the room. Sony announced that they plan to have every PS4 title playable on the Vita through this function.

    Those hoping to play their old PS3 games will be disappointed, as the system won’t natively support them. However; PS1, PS2 and PS3 games will be playable via streaming.

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