Sony expects you to chuck a sickie as PS4 launches tomorrow


Tomorrow is the big day for Aussie Playstation fans as the PS4 launches down under. It’s been seven years in the making, so the launch of the next generation console from Sony tomorrow, adding to the launch of the Xbox One last week, the game is official on! Sony is expect unprecedented absenteeism tomorrow as gamers are unable to resist the urge to play their new PS4. 

There are some crazy numbers being thrown out, with as high as 52% of Australians who are collecting a PS4 on launch day have stated that they will not be going to work. Sorry boss, I’m taking An Australian play day?

The PS4 launch celebration begins this tonight, with launch eve events occurring all around the country. This includes 320 EB Games stores and 43 JB HiFi stores. Dick Smith will also be holding its official launch event at its Sydney Central store and are giving gamers the chance to get their hands on what is likely to be the last 300 PS4 consoles available on launch day.

Michael Ephraim, Managing Director at Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, said, “The PS4 launch is set to be the biggest in our industry’s history. This is not only because of the volume of Australians that have been clamouring to get their hands on one this side of Christmas, but now also because of the expectation of a huge number of gamers planning to stay home and play with their new PS4 on Friday. Sounds to me likes it’s almost a national play day.”

When it launches this tomorrow, the PS4 will be the most powerful games console ever, technically beating the Xbox One, so it’ll be interesting to see how developers leverage that extra horsepower. So far we’re yet to see a significant difference between the launch titles on both consoles.

If you’re still on the fence about getting a PS4, the launch titles include Killzone Shadow Fall, Destiny, FIFA, Watchdogs and Call of Duty Ghosts, alongside a vast array of Indie titles such as Transistor, The Witness, Rogue Legacy and Hotline Miami 2. Sony believe their mix of innovative features and services at a reasonable price ($50 cheaper than the XboxOne), PS4 is set to be the true next generation games console.

PS4 launches in Australia on 29 November and will retail for a recommended retail price of AUD$549.95. If you do the twitter thing, join the conversation using #4thePlayers #PlayDay.

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