STAKE is adding the ability to trade ASX stocks

Stake is a service that allows you to trade in US stocks, from countries like Australia. The service has been incredibly popular with those investing in $TSLA thanks to the low cost, compared to trading through traditional brokers like Australian banks.

Stake has now announced they’re expanding to also enable trading in the ASX, allowing you to buy and sell stocks in both the US and Australia stock exchanges, using the same app.

Stake says they’ve listened to the community and they’ve had a lot of feedback that trading ASX shares is something they want. The current experience for investors on the ASX isn’t up to scratch and people want better transparency from the system and greater control over their investments.

The company says they ‘it’s time for us to break these barriers and enrich the investing experience by doing ASX the Stake way’.

Soon, you’ll be able to invest in all publicly traded stocks and ETFs on the ASX and Chi-X through Stake.

But don’t expect the same-old to what’s already out there. We’ll be redefining what brokerage looks like for the ASX, to provide you more control and greater transparency.

The full details of the offering will arrive over the coming months but we are told to expect a new ASX brokerage model that’s fresh and exciting.

  • Expect to be able to invest in Aussie equities with a better product, pricing model and UX.
  • Expect dynamic and fluid control over your investments, taking on ASX by day and Wall St by night. All in on one platform.

Stake have a signup on their website for those who want to get in early on the beta of ASX trading.

Invest in US Stocks and ETFs on Stake (and soon ASX)
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