Steelseries Prime keyboard and mouse: Game like the pros this Christmas

The Steelseries have consistently won best peripherals as voted by the PC Gamer magazine. If you want to play like a pro gamer, or you have a budding pro gamer in the family, anything from the Steelseries Prime range is the perfect Christmas gift. We got the Steelseries Arctis Prime headset and Prime+ mouse to try it out before Santa comes!

Prime+ Mouse

The Steelseries Prime mouse is one of the lightest mice out there. The Prime+ comes in at 71 grams, whilst the standard Prime edition weighs only 69 grams. It has a smooth, slender design, and is perfect for the nimble gamer’s hands. This mouse is a gaming mouse in its truest sense.

There are no fancy RGB lights; only the mouse wheel lights up with Steelseries’ signature orange colour. There’s nothing to get in the way of your gaming sessions. The Prime+ is fully customisable, with different polling rates that can be saved onboard the mouse.

If you’re planning to travel for your gaming sessions, this is definitely the mouse for you. There’s no need to worry about taking up your luggage.

Slender design with only the wheel lighting up orange.

This mouse is great for plug and go play. Once you plug in the mouse for the first time, you’ll get a prompt for the software installation. This is where you can change your settings. The mouse connects via a USB A cable which has an interesting triangle shape.

Make sure you don’t lose this cable as the odd shape means you can’t just replace it with any old USB A cable. The Prime+ has two thumb buttons on the side, but side from that, it’s super lightweight, and easy to use. It’s the perfect gamer gift and at $89.99 USD ($149.00 AUD), it’s relatively afforable. You might even find a boxing day bargain!

Arctis Prime Headset

Pair the Prime+ mouse with the Steelseries Artcis Prime Headset for the ultimate gamer duo present. You’ll definitely be the favourite. This tough, rigid headset is super comfortable, and the perfect fit for my tiny head. It is adjustable, so if you have a bit of a gamer boof-head, you’ll be fine! The soft, squishy, leatherette earcups make hours of gaming really enjoyable. These cups also help block out the noise, but still allow you to hear what’s going on around you. These ‘squishy’ or ‘sticky’ cups can be moulded into place, so make sure you don’t leave it in one spot too long or you’ll get an indent in your cups.

Don’t get an indent!

Comfort is a big thing when it comes to headsets. You’ve already got the cushion cups on the Arctis Prime, so add in a stretchy headband and your gaming hours can be as long as you like. The headband is very similar to a sports band you see runners wearing around their arms to hold their phones.

Great Audio and controls

The audio on the Artcis Prime is supreme. It has what’s called “sound separation”, meaning you can hear various events in games as isolated incidents. You’ll hear the chest shimmering in Fortnite, or hear the threat of an enemy in Elder Scrolls Online. While you’re in-game, you can easily adjust the volume using the controls on the left side. You can still use a mouse and adjust your volume to its optimum.

Many gamers like to use a microphone, either in-game, for Twitch, or on Discord. The Arctis Prime makes voice chat super streamline, with a microphone that can be easily muted. There’s also a cute little pop filter that covers the microphone to help filter out unnecessarily noise. If chat isn’t a thing for you, the microphone can be detached.

Since this headset uses a 3.5mm audio jack, you can pretty much use it with anything: PC, Nintendo Switch, phone, tablet, Xbox, PlayStation.

The Arctis Prime headset is in the mid-range when it comes to price. One of these will set you back $99.99 USD ($169 AUD). Add in the mouse, and that’s under $320 AUD for a epic gaming package for your bestie.

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