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    REVIEW: Netgear RS700 WiFi 7 Router is ready for the future of multi-gig internet, but you’ll pay for that

    Home internet is evolving fast, powered by dramatically faster internet connections, the limiting factor is often no longer the cable coming into your hour, but rather the router you use to connect your devices to the internet. If you're on the NBN, many Australian homes are connected to fibre-to-the-premesis (FTTP), or at least fibre-to-the-curb, alternatively, you may have a connection coming from something like...

    REVIEW: DJI Power 500 Review, portable power for your drones, phones and everything else

    There's a wide range of use cases for portable power, as so much of our lives rely on it. The portable battery storage industry is really gaining momentum, with the most recent entrant being DJI. On the surface, portable batteries may be a strange fit in the product portfolio of a drone maker, but when we look a little deeper, it makes a lot...

    New RWD model drops Porsche Taycan entry price to A$156,300, $189,500 less than the flagship Turbo S

    New RWD model drops Porsche Taycan entry price to $156,300, Turbo S $345,800

    Porsche’s new parking app can open boom-gates and make payments from the car

    Porsche has launched a parking app called Porsche Park that provides Aussie owners with a contactless and convenient parking experience. The Porsche Park app is available on the...

    Porsche’s first Taycan Software Update is not over-the-air, requires early owners to bring car in for service

    Porsche are releasing their first software update for the Taycan. While the company says they have made improvements to the all-electric Taycan in new...

    Porsche announce 2nd EV, the Taycan Cross Turismo, coming to Aus Q3 2021

    Taycan Cross Turismo is coming to Australia, check out the price and availability.

    Porsche’s first big EV effort, the Taycan, sold 20,015 in 2020

    Taycan has some catching up to do, a price cut would help.

    Porsche Taycan starts at A$191,000, more expensive and slower than Model S

    If your next car must-have list includes an EV and the very best performance, then pay attention. Ahead of deliveries in December, Porsche has...

    Bill Gates just bought an all-electric Porsche Taycan

    YouTuber Marques Brownlee has again sat down with one of the biggest personalities in the tech industry, co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft,...

    Porsche Taycan speeds to new 4-door EV record at Nürburgring [Update: video]

    Electric vehicles may be starting to dominate sales charts in different parts of the globe, but many people still measure their success using old...

    Porsche Taycan fails to deliver 350kW until 2021, may lose race to max out ultra-fast charing

    Porsche Taycan was supposed to be the first EV in Australia to charge at 350kW, now it looks like that won't be happening.

    Video: Porsche’s 919 Hybrid smashing out the fastest ever lap of Nürburgring

    Known as "The Green Hell", Nürburgring, “Nordschleife” is a 20.8 km circuit that wraps around the village and medieval castle of Nürburg in the...

    It’s official, Porsche is entering Formula E in 2019

    Yet another major automotive manufacturer, this time Porsche has signed up to join Formula E. The all-electric category continues to attract auto-makers away from...