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    How to keep your data secure in the age of TikTok

    So much has happened in 2020 that it is easy to forget one of the big tech stories. Earlier this year, governments around the world, including the US, threatened to ban TikTok. Used in over 150 countries, by more than 800 million users every month, the service has been...
  • TikTok launches Australian Office in Sydney, appoints Ex-Google exec as GM.

    Well it seems like Aussies are really loving TikTok. The company has announced that following a surge in popularity in Australia, TikTok are adding an office in Sydney. TikTok has developed a thriving and diverse community in Australia by offering a truly unique home for creative expression combined with...
  • TikTok officially launches in Australia

    TikTok is the most interesting social network right now. The creativity on that platform is second to none. The potent combination short videos, with effects and music clips, seen it become one of the world’s most downloaded apps in 2018. Over the past few months there’s been an increase...
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