TikTok officially launches in Australia

TikTok is the most interesting social network right now. The creativity on that platform is second to none. The potent combination short videos, with effects and music clips, seen it become one of the world’s most downloaded apps in 2018.

Over the past few months there’s been an increase in the number of Australian locations (and accents) being posted on the platform, but now with an official push into Aus, expect plenty of local challenges. If you’re not familiar with the platform, challenges are expressed in the form of hashtags and if you participate, you create a video and simply tag it with that hashtag. The best content ends up in the main For You home page.

Recently TikTok celebrated its launch into Australia this year with a special event in collaboration with Ava Max.

The event was all part of the #SoAmI Challenge – and achieved an astonishing 12,000 submissions and 2 million downloads. You can see a video including submissions from Australian influencers and Ava Max’s event here.

Celebrating Ava Max’s brand new song ‘So Am I’ which championed authenticity and being yourself, a specially created filter allowed users to interactively swipe away negative thoughts and comments through gestures while singing along to ‘So Am I’.

“TikTok is proud to be a creative content platform that promotes authenticity, inclusivity and diversity – and the #SoAmI challenge was the perfect way to launch into Australia”.

TikTok spokesperson

For Ava Max, it was a great way to connect with her fans – many of which she’s made through TikTok, in person “Having the opportunity to connect with my Australian Avatars was so amazing. Watching all of their #SoAmI challenge videos & then getting to meet some of them was so surreal! I’m so grateful to be able to spread positivity through my music & encourage people to celebrate their differences”.

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