Tesla’s FSD Beta 9 is out and the new visualisations look fantastic

    We knew that FSD Beta 9 was going to come with a refreshed UI but now the release is out, we are getting photos and videos of the update and now understand much more about it.

    While previous versions displayed dots that loosely represented the lane lines, curbs and other elements of the environment around the car, the new version is significantly better.

    New in FSD Beta 9, the interface has now changed to display solid lines, coloured differently. White lines on the road are represented by white lines, yellow dividing lines are represented in yellow and red indicates a hard edge the car can not cross.

    We see from this video by Sofiann, the new FSD Beta 9 in action.

    There is also more content being shared by the group of early release testers and overall the UI just reflects the real world much closer. There’s also a refreshed path planning indicator, also helping the driver and passengers to understand what the car is about to do.

    Cars are no longer represented by bounding boxes, they have returned to 3D models, representing the type of vehicle seen by the cameras.

    Something new in this release is a car that passed in cross traffic, which was represented in blue. It’s unclear if this was another Tesla, but Musk had suggested they may do this in the future.

    After a fairly lengthy download and install – around 40 minutes, we also got a look at the Early Access Program | FSD Beta 9.0 release notes.
    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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