Tesla’s official Model 3 accessories for Australia includes Automatic Garage Opener, no wireless charger

The September 2019 edition of the Tesla Model 3 accessories has been released for Australia. This 11-page guide showcases all the available options you have for official accessories when buying a Model 3.

Recently we covered the most popular aftermarket accessories for Model 3, but having official options, directly from Tesla will appeal to those who want to make sure things are right from the OEM.

The range of products is decent, however certainly more limited than what’s on offer in the US. One big omission is the Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger (US$125).

Product categories that are included are Charging, Interior, and Exterior.

In the introduction section, the PDF lists ‘ Tesla original accessories are sold only at official service centres’. In Australia that means 1 of 4 locations, Lower North Shore and Alexandria in Sydney, Richmond, Melbourne and Fortitude Valley in Brisbane.

Since the accessories guide was released, a number of keen Tesla fans have enquired about pre-buying items so they’re ready at delivery. It seems the requirement to order an accessory is that you’ve taken delivery of your vehicle. While that’s somewhat understandable, if you don’t live near a service center, it’ll mean an additional road trip to pick up your accessories once they arrive.

Model 3 Accessories for Australia

Automatic Garage Opener ($460)

While the Model 3 has a number of party tricks, perhaps the one you’ll enjoy the most day-to-day is the ability to open your garage door automatically.

Controversially this Homelink module was listed as an inclusion when Australia’s order page first went live on 31/05/19, but by the time the 9/6/19 update to the site arrived, it was removed.

If you don’t get it with your car, it looks like Tesla will sell you the feature which does actually require a hardware component.

You will need to connect your Model 3 to your garage door or gate system and the HomeLink module can communicate using radio-frequency (RF) controlled devices. Essentially the car simulates the transmitted signal to open your door when you’re within your specified distance or close the door when you leave.

This Automatic Garage Opener Upgrade is compatible with all Model 3 cars.

The price includes shipping and installation at Tesla Service Centers. When ordering, please include your VIN and preferred Service Center location. Customers will be contacted by the Service Center to schedule an installation appointment.

All-Weather Front Trunk Cargo Mat ($120), Rear Trunk Cargo Mat ($180)

Your new car comes with some nice carpet, but you’ll be keen to keep that pristine. If you bought the Long Range or Performance variants of the Model 3, you’ll get some carpet floor mats included. If you bought the SR+ unfortunately you miss out.

Whatever is going on inside the car, you’ll need to consider the Front Trunk and the boot. Tesla offers All-weather mats for both, unfortunately, the All-Weather Floor liners are not currently available in Australia. Perhaps it’s a good thing we’re heading towards the warmer weather.

19″ Sport Wheel and Winter Tire Package ($4,870)

If you were disappointed that Tesla didn’t offer the 19″ rims in Australia, it seems you can now get what you wanted. The 19″ Sport Wheel and Winter Tire Package is available for A$4,870. Obviously this is a big expense over being able to buy the car with the wheels you originally wanted.

Also available are Snow chains for an additional $160. 18″ Pewag Sport RSS 76 Snow Chains are also available for those who order a vehicle fitted with aero wheels.

If you have the 20″ wheels on the Model 3 Performance, unfortunately, Tesla hasn’t brought their 20″ Snow chains to Australia.

18″ Aero Wheel Cap Kit ($70)

If you buy an SR+, LR or ordered a Model 3 Performance stealth, you’ll get 18″ Aero wheels. While these offer between 4-5% of extra range, some people are not keen on the way these look.

Thankfully they can pop off to reveal decent looking rims underneath. To cover the 5 studs, you can pick up this wheel cap kit which covers the studs with black caps and the center piece with a Tesla logo.

Many have commented about the lack of a spare wheel in the Model 3. This is a strategy to reduce weight (and expense), instead, the Model 3 comes with years of roadside service.

If you’d prefer to take matters into your own hands, you can grab the Tire repair kit for A$130, or the Tire Repair Sealant will cost you A$37.00.

Key Card ($38)

When you pick up a Model 3, you’ll get 2 credit card-sized key cards and a bifold wallet as backups to your primary key, which is your phone.

To lock or unlock, tap your Model 3 key card on the center of the pillar to the right of the driver’s window. To start your Model 3, tap your key card behind the cup holders and place your foot on the brake pedal to start.

If you lose one or want additional cars, you can grab them for $38.

Silver Wall Connector ($700)

When you buy a Model 3, you’ll get a portable charger that you would typically leave in your car in the event you have to charge from a 240v outlet.

Your car will also include a wall charger that needs to be installed by a qualified electrician. This is expected to cost between A$800-A$1,000, but will allow you to charge faster than a regular outlet.

The Silver Wall Connector is available with both a 2.5m and 7.5m cable. I’m fortunate enough to have the power outlet on the same size as the charging port (left), however others may need the longer cable. Despite the extra cable length, both versions cost $700.

It is likely you’ll only need to buy an additional charger if you’re regularly visiting a second location (maybe work would let you install one).

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  1. Dear Jason – Great review and post – much appreciated. I was especially pleased on how cheap it was to buy a second Tesla. You state, near the end “If you lose one or want additional cars, you can grab them for $38.” Where and how can I buy an additional car for $38 (I assume this is AUD)? Ta. Michael

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