There is already a petition to change iOS 7


Some people just have to find something to complain about, other people are just really quite dumb and sometimes these types of people find each other and do something of astronomical stupidness – like making a petition for Apple to change iOS back it its old familiar state.

Now, we know that change is hard to deal with, but one cranky Aussie doesn’t want to deal with it and has already lodged a petition to – asking Jony Ive and Apple to not just revert things back to how iOS used to be, but also not to steal things from other manufacturers.

To keep the familiar and praised usability for consumers of Apple products and the innovative spirit, please take the following into consideration:

• change the overall colour palette of iOS 7 from cute and too colourful to more serious but yet pleasing and classy

• change the overall visual inconsistency and confusion throughout iOS 7 to a more consistent and sophisticated feeling

• make iOS 7 feel less inspired of the competitor’s products but more unique and distinguishable from other smartphones’ interfaces and nearer to the company’s previous efforts

• make text on iOS 7 more legible, by using better typography


What a pelican. How about instead of wasting your time, trying to get something changed that never will – just don’t upgrade and everything will be fine. via

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