This coffee machine uses AI to personalise it to your tastes

Premium coffee machine makers, JURA Australia have announced their latest coffee machine, the Z6 in Diamond Black and it’s powered by AI.

You may be asking why on earth would a coffee machine need Artificial Intelligence just to make a cappuccino, well the answer lies in most reliable coffee to date.

After extensive testing with software engineers, JURA has finally perfected the system which uses AI to learn and predict the coffee choices of its owners. The Z6 then automatically updates the 3.5″ display, with the personalised selection coffee options, based on the user’s historical selections and predicts what will be needed the most in the future. This grid of 4 items is complemented by photos of the coffee type.

As smart as that is, I’d actually really love to see AI applied to the coffee making process to interogate the coffee produced to ensure the quality, temperature and flavour is the same in every single cup.

In addition to this smart technology, a new Professional Aroma Grinder has been integrated into the machine, which not only allows for a greater aroma, but also produces less sound adding to the sleek and elegant look of the Diamond Black design.

The Z6 with AI also boasts a range of other innovative features:

  • A Professional Aroma Grinder for ideal grinding results and reduced noise.
  • A new fluid system that enhances the variety to include more barista specialties including espresso doppio.
  • AI which automatically adapts the start screen to personal preferences.
  • A high-tech two-component method creates a Diamond Black design with a sense of depth
  • 22 coffee specialties at the touch of a button.
  • 3.5” TFT user-friendly colour display
  • Automatic switchover from milk to milk foam
  • 10 levels of adjustable coffee strength
  • New sculptural designed water tank

“The innovative and sophisticated design and functionality of the JURA Z6 changes the way we think about traditional coffee machines. We are so excited for this machine to land in Australia so that consumers can experience first-hand just how intelligent the Z6 really is.

With the integration of AI, the Z6 is now even more intuitive to use and has totally redefined the at-home coffee drinking experience. The added diamond black design will be a man’s new best friend,” adds George.

George Liakatos, Managing Director of JURA Australia

Now here’s the kicker, this premium coffee maker with AI smarts comes at a significant cost. The JURA Z6 is available now for RRP $3,950 from, and selected Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Winnings and independent stores.

Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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