This is why we need a FTTH NBN [Video]

There has been a lot of debate around why we need a FTTH NBN in Australia. While some of us visionaries are able to imagine a future that requires insane bandwidth, others can not. Those people should be directed to the video below. Released by NBN Co, it demonstrates a world where every room in your house makes use of the NBN for the different needs of a family.

The video showcases some pretty nice displays, most of which are digitally created. This is an important point to consider, the future of high definition video is dependent on new types of displays being distributed all around the house. So while your house currently contains a HDTV and a computer monitor, display manufacturers will be selling households many, many displays.

The use cases demonstrated in NBN Co’s video include:


This demonstration showcases Dave working from home, teleconferencing with 4 people on one monitor, while rotating a 3D house with Kinect-style hand gestures on the other.


Doctors Consultation

Stroke victim Anne talks to her doctor while he monitors her blood pressure and heart rate stats remotely.


Indonesian Classroom

Jack and 3 friends are learning Indonesian virtually as the local school doesn’t offer it.


Music Studio

Travis and other band members are in different parts of the country, but can have a jam session together live. This is already occurring now, but tracks have to be recorded and recompiled in post-production.


Virtual Change room

Suzie uses a wall-sized display to shop for a new dress, an live and interactive representation of how that outfit would look is shown off.


Grandparents join in dinner

The family sit down to a meal and while the grandparents can’t be there, they can participate and communicate through a large wall mounted video call.


Watch the video for yourself and leave a comment of what you think the possibilities of the NBN are. Get your thinking caps on, I know the super-intelligent readers of techAU can come up with some awesome suggestions.

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